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Window film manufacturing is our core business as of today. Evolving from a perspective of a window film distributor and international supplier, we understand the needs of the market around the world.

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OEM/REM Supply

We are able to supply to any car manufacturer with ease as we have many years of expertise and specialized installation method and precise film cutting machine.

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Project Services

We provide solutions and services for commercial and residential which experience heat through their window. We have experience installers able to install window films from residential to high rise buildings.

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Sustainability at Totalgard

At Totalgard, sustainability is one of the upmost important thing that we pursue. We make use of materials which are unrecyclable to produce products which are beneficial for the people and planet.


We have attained merits from our customers for delivering high quality products and our aim is to provide maximum quality from the planning stage to the finish products.


We are seeking to build a long term and effective customer base. We strive to continually meet and surpass customers expectation as well as the industry’s standard.


Inside our manufacturing process, we strictly abide to ISO9001:2008 certification to ensure that our quality is consistent. All our products are MS certified.


Apart from safety, effectiveness is another key element that we strive for as a competitive advantage. We believe in embracing a well-managed business with good developments.